Iodine Deficiency is serious – In every Period of life.

To stay healthy our body needs a variety of nutritive substances. Iodine as an essential mineral trace nutrient is one of them. It`s of great importance for the thyroid gland to produce certain hormones, which are key for various bodily functions. One of the most prominent roles they play is contributing to the development and work flow of the nervous system. There are periods in our lives with increased iodine need: in the pre-natal phase, during pregnancy and in the post-natal phase, during nursing. Also throughout infancy, adolescence and our adult lives`, iodine deficiency can cause serious effects on health. Sufficient iodine supply via food isn`t given in every part of the world.

Iodomarin® provides safe and controlled iodine supplementation

Iodine deficiency is common all over the world. The recommended daily dose for an adult of 150 μg iodine may not be available via food alone. Therefore, it is very important to take care of nutritional supply of iodine in order to avoid the risk of developing the symptoms of so called iodine deficiency disorders.

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