Iodine in pregnancy and after birth

Most importantly, during the months before birth and in particular in the first two years after your new family member has first seen the light of day you must not only take care of yourself but of the baby as well. During this period certain nutrition is essential for the optimum development from the first cells to the embryo and the baby. At every single stage of growth new organs are generated as well as body functions are created and for all this optimum nutrition should be provided.

One of these nutrients, that is very important and that is required in an increased amount during pregnancy and breast-feeding is iodine.

Also if you want to get pregnant you should take care of a proper iodine intake as early as possible. You can get more information on recommendation for iodine intake in the chapter “Iodine in adults”. 

Iodomarin® provides safe and controlled iodine supplementation

Iodine deficiency is common all over the world. The recommended daily dose for an adult of 150 μg iodine may not be available via food alone. Therefore, it is very important to take care of nutritional supply of iodine in order to avoid the risk of developing the symptoms of so called iodine deficiency disorders.